I can help you feel a greater resilience to coping with lifeโ€™s challenges.

  • Greater feeling of health and vitality โœ…
  • An enhanced feeling of well-being โœ…
  • A deepened sense of spirituality โœ…
  • A more peaceful, centred approach to life โœ…
  • A greater sense of optimism and self-esteem โœ…

Learn to live life fuller…

Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed? Are you constantly people pleasing? Do you need help with setting healthier boundaries for yourself and others? Do you want to feel uplifted, empowered and healthier? I am here to help!

Six Week Self Care Program

Incorporate daily habits to increase your sense of wellbeing.

1:1 Health Coaching

Look at your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

1:1 Counselling

Release self limiting beliefs and process childhood trauma.

Heal old childhood wounds

Become more compassionate with yourself.

Build confidence & self esteem

Replace negative thoughts with new realistic and positive beliefs. 

Become more self aware

Change behaviours to increase your happiness.


If youโ€™re looking to make a positive change, Iโ€™ll support your journey to better health and wellness.

While helping you build your own self care toolkit, you can start to release the limiting self beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Healing, your way

I can help you feel a greater resilience to coping with life’s challenges.

Nourish to flourish

By taking small steps and making small lifestyle tweaks, I will encourage and support you in making the changes that will help you feel fitter, healthier and more energetic.


1:1 counselling to help catalyse your journey to a better you. Booking in your first session can be one of the most overwhelming but rewarding steps on your journey.

weight management

By balancing your blood sugar, reducing your stress and implementing practical self care tools that will lead you to feeling more focused, vital and energised naturally.

Client Testimonials

I have done a couple of sessions with Caroline with a couple more booked. I was reluctant at first to go to counselling but from the outset she put me at ease and I soon found myself opening up where I was sure I never would. Iโ€™m finding our sessions completely beneficial in dealing with anxiety and bereavement and would recommend her highly. In fact I now look forward to our sessions and have completely changed my opinion of counselling.

Caroline has helped me much more then I could of thought within such a short time! I would recommend to anyone!

Firstly I would like to thank Caroline for changing my life. I feel more me then I have ever before, it really has been a life changing for me. Any one that is in two minds about it please give Carolines counselling ago because she is the most incredible person. I was a lost soul who didnโ€™t know how to become the real me and feel loved I now feel so much gratitude for my life every single day. Thank you.

I met Caroline in January of this year, I was a little apprehensive about therapy because of the stigma surrounding it! But itโ€™s honestly the best thing Iโ€™ve ever done. Caroline makes you feel comfortable and when I leave I always feel so much better. I have recommended her to friends and would recommend her to anyone.

Hi, it’s nice to meet you

Iโ€™m Caroline, Iโ€™m a wife
and Mother of three. I have a very active Old English Sheepdog, who herds me every day for his treats.

I began my health journey a few years ago when my gallbladder was removed at the same time as experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms, to say I felt all over the place was an understatement.

body, Spirit, Mind

Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed? Are you constantly people pleasing? Do you need help with setting healthy boundaries for yourself and others? If you’re wanting to feel uplifted, empowered and healthier, I am here to help.

healthy life

I help my clients improve their health by starting to eat nutritious foods, engaging in regular movement and prioritising their mental health.


I help my clients build their confidence, resilience and well-being through nutritional education and lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress management. 


Working with my clients is an enjoyable experience as it is a collaborative process and watching them transform their lives is a privilege.


Opportunity is all around us. If we sit back and wait for it to fall into our laps, we might be waiting a lifetime. Take the first step towards creating the life you want.

I can help you feel a greater resilience to coping with life’s challenges.

Whether youโ€™re seeking a greater feeling of health and vitality, a deepened sense of spirituality or a more peaceful, centred approach to life, I can help.

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