Nourish to Flourish

Welcome to “Nourish to Flourish,” a unique service that combines weight management and counselling.

I understand that our mental and physical health are deeply interconnected. This bespoke experience focuses on nourishing your body and mind, promoting a healthier lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. Together, we’ll explore your relationship with food, set achievable weight management goals, and address underlying emotional concerns. Nourish to Flourish is not just about transformation, it’s about embracing a journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Some info for you

Nourish to Flourish can help you with;


support with building the life you want and taking the steps to get there sustainably


learn self SABOTAGING behaviours and challenge them as they occur


Understand the significance of self-care, focusing on a nutritious diet and managing negative self-talk


Learn the importance of balancing your hormones and how it contributes to your overall health and well-being


learn how to manage your blood sugar levels effectively to achieve a balanced lifestyle


Gain self confidence, energy, vitality and a heightened level of fitness that makes you feel empowered and capable


Reduce anxiety and depression, fostering a more positive outlook and enabling a greater capacity to cope with life’s challenges


Process childhood traumas that may be holding you back from ACHIEVING the goals you’ve set yourself

Each Nourish to Flourish session lasts 1 h 15 minutes and costs £65

(includes both weight management and counselling) 

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