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Hello, I’m Caroline

I began my health journey a few years ago when my gallbladder was removed at the same time as experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms, and to say I felt all over the place was an understatement. 

Feeling so ill all the time and yet still trying to keep up with being a wife, a mother and a secondary school teacher. I lost confidence in my abilities, second guessed all my decisions, and constantly felt like I wasn’t myself.

” I felt like I had lost me somewhere along the line “

It took the doctors a while to diagnose my gallbladder problems – it wasn’t until I got an ultrasound did I understand why I was feeling so ill. While my surgeon was great, he wasn’t able to help me recover mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

That work I needed to do for myself.

So as my life began to crumble, I found myself like a tortoise with no shell, I had to build a new life and a new story. I decided to challenge my self limiting beliefs, learn to heal myself internally and live life fearless. 

Like me, is it time for you to begin your wellness journey, find more joy in your life, take responsibility for your health?

 If you would like help and support on your healing journey, book now.

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