I’m Caroline

I am a holistic counsellor with a diploma from the Healing College in London, and a health coach, certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I incorporate a number of strategies, from a wide range of therapies, such as talk therapy, inner child healing, attachment styles and law of attraction techniques, as well as looking at your primary food (all the things not on your plate) and secondary food (all the things on your plate), to help you reach your lifelong goals.  I’ll support you in releasing your self limiting beliefs and help you build your self care toolkit to build a healthier relationship with yourself.  

Health Coaching

The six week program

Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed? Are you constantly people pleasing? Do you need help with setting healthier boundaries for yourself and others? Do you want to feel uplifted, empowered and healthier? I am here to help!

Week 001

Health History – current symptoms and lifestyle patterns – Goals and Aspirations

Week 002

Find out more about your story
Reframe Limiting Beliefs 

Week 003

Nutritional education and lifestyle factors like sleep hygiene, stress management

Week 003

Self care and what that looks like for you, gratitude, mindfulness, forgiveness

Week 005

Be Authentic   – what that means to you?

Week 006

Review of your progress, addressing any self sabotaging behaviour, revisit initial goals and aspirations – Plan for the future

Bespoke Solutions

Each health coaching program is designed and tailored specifically to your body, mind and soul. 

Open chat
Can I help you?